Standard Placenta Encapsulation Package: $250
The client receives their placenta processed via their chosen method (TCM or raw) and placed in vegetarian capsules. The umbilical cord dried is into a keepsake, unless unavailable or not desired by the client. The client will also receive a print of their placenta. The number of capsules produced is dependent on the size of the placenta, which varies from baby to baby!


Placenta Tincture: $15
Placenta tincture is another way to reap the physical benefits from the placenta besides capsule form. Tinctures are mainly meant for energy, transition, stress, and hormone stabilization. The tincture is made from a small piece of raw placenta tinctured in high proof vodka, aged for 6 weeks postpartum and then strained. It is stored in a dropper bottle for use when needed. Stored properly, the tincture should have an almost indefinite shelf life.


Frozen Placenta Cubes: $15

Before drying, a portion of the placenta can be frozen into cubes for use in smoothies.


Preservation for Burial or Tree Planting: $10

Excess blood and fluid, as well as the placental membranes, can be saved and frozen for later burial or tree planting.